Writing A Powerful Resume

The thoughts on writing a good resume can vary.

We have found out after viewing over 100,000 resumes that brevity is important.  Many candidates should be proud on what they have done in past positions, but a lengthy resume might just knock you off before you can stand in the batter’s box.

  A resume should be no longer than a page and a half  

The Do’s and Don’ts

Don‘t have an objective. Each job applied for is different and an objective never can hit what the employer is looking for. Every time you apply for a position the candidate should tailor the resume for that particular role.  What all candidates should do is write their resume with the employer’s objective in mind. What are the key items they are asking for the “selected candidate” should have?  Incorporate their job description in the resume.

Don’t have your resume solely on past duties, but have focus on accomplishments-and be specific. What major accounts have you sold? what specific products have you launched?  That specific projects were you involved in that were very successful for the company?  What direct reports did you manage that were promoted- to what positions?

One hiring manager said – “when I look at a resume I am looking at items that will disqualify him/her. I know it is a negative approach, but remember the job is to eliminate resumes first”

With that in mind, one should try not to have in their resume things that may
just “knockout their chances or raise red flags.”

For example, one should never list hobbies on a resume- playing golf may just frighten the employer that you may play golf on their time. If you have a real estate licenses, do not list. It is something you are proud of but again it may be another distraction for the employer.

One school of thought – (Items that are frivolous)if it doesn’t separate you from the pool, don’t put it in the resume.

Knowledge of programs and software should be on the resume. Knowing excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc are always viewed as pluses.

Buzz words are also a KEY. With firms pulling resumes from the Internet. A key word in your resume will get you some audience with the hiring firm.

For a sales positions- one should have the words, hunter, prospecting, cold- calling, dials, Quota, presentations, closes.

For a hiring manager- hiring, firing, probations, benchmarks, goals, performance reviews

For a product or project manager- launch ( like launching a product) blueprint, modeling, Metrics.


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