For Employers

At Resource Select Group we pride ourselves in working hard for our clients…being strategic as well as creative.

We invest, unlike other search firms, more time and money into our research staff than recruiters. A research individual is the most important cog in the recruiters’ wheel. The key to hiring the right candidate is to find that winner.

In most cases, the best candidate is not on any job boards, doesn’t get involved with link networks or work with recruiters. They are too busy working at their craft. We know this and since 1996 we invest in a staff that does nothing but find these candidates. All employers would be interested in talking to an individual who is working for their competitor or a similar firm within their vertical.

—-The only way to locate that person is to dig and dig.—-

We offer our clients effective questions to ask candidates…

Over the years we have compiled the very best questions hiring professionals have used to select the very best candidate in a pool of many. We will be happy to share these powerful questions.

Questions firms use to effectively interview candidates for…

Entry Level Position

A More Tenure Position

—- We will forward copies at no charge to you —-